Floral & White Sage Smudging Stick


Elevate your space with floral sage smudging sticks. Burn to neutralize negative energy, improve sleep, & deepen your spiritual connection. Perfect for yoga & meditation.

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Immerse yourself in the sacred power of smudging with one of our floral and sage smudging sticks. Crafted by hand with care, you’ll receive one (1) white sage (Salvia Apiana) bundle expertly paired with exquisite dried flowers to create a harmonious blend of natural beauty and sacred power.

Sage holds deep spiritual significance in many cultures across the globe, cherished for its healing and ceremonial properties. Immerse your senses in its aromatic, sharp, and stimulating fragrance, and allow its transformative energy to uplift your spirit. Burn these bundles to neutralize negative energy, improve sleep, and alleviate anxiety. Perfect for yoga and meditation, the aromatic smoke enhances awareness and focus.  Banish negativity and foster a deeper connection with the sacred. Elevate your spiritual journey today!


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