Matcha Cream Youth & Vitality



Matcha Cream Youth & Vitality Coffee Alternative is a heart opening & uplifting ceremonial morning ritual to start your day. Functional mushrooms, ceremonial grade matcha, and creamy colostrum – it’s not the fountain of youth but it’s close. 30 very generous serving in every bag.

30 (1.5 teaspoon to 6 ounces of water) servings per bag


“I bought this because I wanted to improve my gut health and I heard about how colostrum does that. What I didn’t expect was the change in my face! After a month I had fewer wrinkles. I thought I was going crazy until I read about how colostrum helps you regain muscle tone and that was what was happening in my face!” – Kelly M.


“Tastes fantastic and I was finally able to stop my coffee habit while still getting a boost from the matcha. I’m no longer crabby in the afternoon and my touchy stomach has improved so much I’m able to eat spicy foods again.”  – Aaron G.


“I’m pleasantly surprised about how smooth the flavor is. Sometimes alternative bevs can be harsh and need extras to mellow them. This one is good all by itself. I look forward to adding honey or creamer to it and see what those do to the flavor.” – Jill Jones

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